ATK Live Music Festival

Nov 06, 2017 by poorboy - Comments Off on ATK Live Music Festival

The 2nd annual Arts Technology Music Festival wrapped up last night. It was a two day festival put on by ATK Live, a registered student organization at ISU. I was the last act to go on last night. My dj ended up having a cold and not coming out so I had to queue up all my tracks from my phone. It was cool. The crowd was amazing, and showed lots of love. My set ended pretty short though. There was so much energy happening that when I saw a slower song in the list I just skipped it, so when I got to the end of my set I didn’t think going back to the slower songs would be a good move. Oh yeah, I was also honored to MC the entire event. I checked in with all the artists as they arrived. I got them set up so we could transition from act to act smoothly. I announced all the acts, sometimes with a joke to preface. Overall, it was a great time.

I had a great time. I as exhausted. I wish I could do that every day. Now I’m preparing for my next performance. The show game is fun. No matter what, if you sign up for a show you better get up there and do your thing. Unless a death has happened or you can’t physically make it – I get that. Shit, I’ve cancelled a show because I wasn’t getting paid and I didn’t want to spend what little money I had left over on gas to get there. BUT if you catch a cold, if you catch a broken ankle, if you catch some feelings, it shouldn’t stop you from getting up there and delivering an amazing performance. If these things stop you from doing this then you shouldn’t be performing. Go work at home depot and keep your music in your fucking basement.