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Projects currently being worked on

The Smartass LP

I am working on an album that I’m gunna shop around. As the header suggests, the name of it shall be “The Smartass LP”. Boom bitches. That’s a fuckin’ title.

I am currently in the writing stages of the album.  (9/4/17)

Beat Shop

I’m going to be selling beats on the site soon. Not a lot. But I’ll regularly add beats to the shop. They will be fairly priced and loosely licensed. Grab em up before I blow up and start charging real cash!

Oh yeah, I will not be the only muhfucka throwing beats up here! Game

As you may know, I am also a programmer. But I only do it for like shits and gigs yo.

Can’t really say much about this. Just know that it is in the works! (I know lame right?)